You’re so much better online!!!! Be careful.

When you’re sitting in front of your computer, wanting to connect with someone, it can be so much fun to post a picture on your website and then enhance it with cute sayings, maybe even stretch the truth a little.  Remember, once you’ve hit the send button – – it is now a part of history for the entire world to see.  Once someone else has downloaded and distributed your space to their circle of influence, that message, photo or video clip will take on a life of its own.   It will be completely out of your control.  There’s a fairy tale entitled “The Emperor’s New Clothing

”.  The moral of the story is that everyone believed two swindlers who convinced the Emperor that the cloth had a special capability in that it was invisible to anyone who was either stupid or not fit for his position.   The emperor’s subjects did not want to seem stupid or unfit, so they told him how beautiful his new clothes were.  An innocent child saw the truth and said “But he has nothing on!”  This news traveled from person to person and they realized the Emperor, in fact, had no clothes”.

Most recently a video went viral that serious, long-term consequences for some young college students on a party bus at a major university.  The dust hasn’t completely settled, but I’m quite sure there are several young men and women who would love to see the video go into a big, deep hole.  It isn’t going to happen – – ever.  Key word – – ever.

Whether or not you like country music, check out Brad Paisley’s new song “Online”.  The lyrics are entertaining and the video is priceless (and oh, so true in many cases).

It is easy to make history, just be careful when you do it on the internet.

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