Don’t Take the Summer off from Your Job Search!

The lazy days of summer are a great time to unwind and settle into a slower pace…unless you are in the market for a new job. There is no “summer vacation” from job hunting but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Businessman working on a laptop.

Benefits of a Slower Pace

Offices empty as employees embark on summer vacations and some of the workflow slows down. This can be a time for hiring managers to catch up on reading resumes and setting up interviews, given more openings in the schedule. Some industries use the summer months to get a jump start on hiring, building and training staff before the busy season. Reach out to employers you are interested in by sending your resume directly to the hiring manager, outlining your experience in a short cover letter.

Shortened Hiring Process

With so many people out of the office during the summer months, it is reasonable to conclude that hiring stalls. However, this quieter environment may actually speed up the hiring process as multiple interviews may be conducted in just a day or two to accommodate those vacations.

Everyone Else is Taking the Summer Off

Take advantage of the fact that many other job seekers are on vacation and “getting away from it all”. Fewer job applicants means less competition for openings. Being available for interviews during the summer months gives you an edge if the position needs to be filled right away.

Your Boss Won’t Notice

Taking a longer lunch or leaving early to go on an interview won’t raise eyebrows the way it does during the busier months. So schedule those appointments, even taking a vacation day to line up interviews.

While there is a slowdown in many industries during the summer and employees may be taking days or weeks off from work, the bottom line is that open positions need to be filled. Work still needs to get done. So start or continue that job search, even though the beach or the ballpark may beckon. The summer months present a unique opportunity for diligent job seekers and all that hard work during the dogged days of summer just may pay off with a new job come fall.

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